3D Ultra Protectant - Professional Grade Tire Dressing - 24 oz View larger

3D Ultra Protectant - Professional Grade Tire Dressing - 24 oz

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"Are you looking for a long lasting tire dressing? Then 3D Ultra Protectant water based tire dressing, is a spray on formula that any car detailer will need. If you are not comfortable with thick solutions, you can always use the 3D Ultra Protectant spray-on formula. It will give your car tires the same long-lasting high gloss that its thicker counterpart, Ultra Protectant Thick, has to offer. This water based dressing has silicone and is made of the highest grade ingredients that are blended into a super micro emulsion that spreads easily onto your tires and lasts the longest. It also gives best results when it is used after cleaning your tires with the 3D Yellow Degreaser. After spraying a mist of this solution on your car tire, you can wipe it off and give your car tires the long-lasting gloss that you have always wanted. If you prefer to spread on your tire dressing then consider 3D Ultra Protectant Thick. These are only two of the most popular tire dressings offered by 3D Profess
Tire Dressing Product Ultra Protectant. Water based dressing. Long-Lasting high gloss shine on tires. Protects and beautifies. Spray On Formula

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