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3D Leather, Vinyl and Plastic Cleaner - 24 oz

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3Ds Leather, Vinyl, & Plastic Cleaner is an organic green surfactant based LVP cleaner that is designed to safetly remove stains from its intended surfaces. It offers moderate protection as the primary use is a cleaner. You can easily remove ink marks from leather or dashboards. It easily emulsifies dirt and grease on LVP surfaces easily. It works miracles on synthetic leather. Many car manufacturers such as GM vehicle, Mercedes and other great brands offer synthetic leather for those who are animal rights activists or those looking for a more affordable car to buy. While these are great alternatives it is difficult to find a cleaner that is safe to clean those synthetic surfaces. 3Ds LVP targets those eco conscious and budget conscious customers. One customer asked, My boat has vinyl cushions, how can I clean my boat using a marine safe product?3Ds LVP is marine safe. It easily battles dirt, and grease that occur on boat surfaces. It can also get rid of suntan oil residue, which
Leather, Vinyl and Plastic Cleaner. Works great on synthetic leather. Perfect for auto, home, and industrial use. Restores old drums and plexiglass to original look. Marine safe. Interior and exterior use. UV Filter

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