3D Lemon Scented Liquid laundry Soap Towel Kleen -5 Gallon View larger

3D Lemon Scented Liquid laundry Soap Towel Kleen -5 Gallon

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3D Towel Kleen is a lemon scented, powerful, low foam laundry machine soap. Unlike powder soaps, this liquid detergent will not retain residue inside the towels fibers - thus eliminates streaking on windows. This will also extend the towels life while maintaining its softness. This product has excellent rinsing ability. Are you tired of discarding car wash towels after using them only once? 3D offers a powerful laundry detergent that is tough on releasing car stains from towels, while maintain their softness and absorbency. This liquid soap detergent is ideal for releasing soap residues from being retained on your towels so you can continue to easily clean your car windows and paint without having to worry about residue from past detailing and drying. Car wash owners who are constantly using drying towels after a car goes through the car wash tunnel should be sure to buy Towel Kleen along with tunnel soap and car wash towels (available online by the dozen in red, blue, and green) also
Powerful car wash towel detergent. Tough on releasing oil stains and grease. Low foam washing machine detergent. Excellent rinsing

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