Corvair Fan Belt

Monza Motion private label Corvair fan belt. This belt is manufactured to OUR spec. You will NOT find a better quality belt.

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Designed for efficient power transmission from the pulleys to the fan, Monza Motion’s top cogged design to ensure superior performance for your Corvair. This is by far the best V-belt ever made for your Corvair. Monza Motion’s Top Cog V-Belt delivers more flexibility and increases airflow around the belt so it runs cooler and lasts longer than other Corvair belts (such as Clark’s). Four plies of wrapped neoprene impregnated fabric resist heat, oil and grease while a specially-formulated treatment of the polyester cord provides the strength, stability and reliability that are required for Corvair engines.

These belts are made in Ohio (USA). No other Corvair belt comes close to the Monza Motion V-belt.

Fits all Corvairs*, 1960-1969

Monza, Spyder, Corsa, 500, 700, FC

Does not fit Corvairs with the rare air conditioning unit.

Backstory on this product: I, Anthony Johnson, have owned Corvairs for ten years. I could not find a good belt. Most would wear rapidly due to heat (or oil splatter). I bought five different belts, from Clark’s to AC Delco and broke them all down. I personally went to the drawing board and designed a better belt. This belt resists vibrations, heat and oil better than any Corvair belt on the market.


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